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Schizophrenia: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Positive and Negative Symptoms of...
Are you having experiences that seem unreal? Are you concerned about strange behavior in a loved one? Learn to understand and describe the symptoms of schizophrenia, so that you can communicate them to a doctor.
What It's Like to Have Schizophrenia
In schizophrenia, the most basic processes of perceiving and thinking are affected by the illness. Whether you want your loved ones to understand you better, are concerned for someone who's ill, or are simply curious, this article describes the internal experience of delusions, hallucinations, and more.
Schizophrenia Symptoms and Diagnosis
What are the main symptoms of schizophrenia? How is a diagnosis of schizophrenia made?
Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs Used to Treat...
In the early 1990s a new class of drugs were developed to treat the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. These drugs, the atypical antipsychotics, have proven generally as effective as the antispychotics developed decades earlier, with fewer extrapyrimidal side effects. This list of the atypical antipsychotics provides links to drug safety information from the drug manufacturers' websites.
How Schizophrenia Is Diagnosed
The better you understand the language and the process of diagnosing schizophrenia, the better you can communicate with your doctor. Remember that only a psychologist or psychiatrist can rule out or diagnose schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia Early Diagnosis
Are there any warning signs that raise a red flag for schizophrenia?
What Causes Schizophrenia?
Developmental theories of schizophrenia explore things that may have gone wrong during fetal and infant brain development.
Schizophrenia: Early Diagnosis and treatment
How early can schizophrenia be diagnosed? Are there warning signs that can guide prevention, early diagnosis and treatment?
Schizophrenia versus schizoaffective disorder
Schizophrenia and schizoaffective are two different disorders. This article discusses the relevant differences why that matters. From your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
What Do Hallucinations Feel Like in Schizophren...
Hallucinations are part of schizophrenia. This article focuses on what experiencing hallucinations feels like from a patient's perspective.
Who Gets Schizophrenia?
Although the overall incidence of schizophrenia in the United States is close to 1%, different groups have a greater or lesser likelihood of developing the illness. This article from your About Guide to Schizophrenia reviews the incidence of schizophrenia among different groups of people, which scientists are using as clues to help find the cause.
What is Schizophrenia?
Does schizophrenia affect you or a loved one? Just want to learn more? Start here for basic information about schizophrenia, with links to more in-depth information.
Questions Doctors Ask to Diagnose Schizophrenia
Worried about having schizophrenia? You wonder what a psychiatrist will ask during the first visit? Here is what to expect.
Positive Symptoms In Schizophrenia
The positive symptoms are one of the symptoms clusters counting toward a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Start here for an overview that will help you understand what they are.
What are the earliest signs of schizophrenia?
Early diagnosis is the foundation for early intervention, which is the path to recovery. From your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
Living With Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a chronic disease, and you should plan for times of remission and times of relapse. Even in remission, your residual symptoms (the symptoms you continue to have even when you’re relatively well) will effect all aspects of your life. This article from your About Guide to Schizophrenia gives you concrete suggestions to help you improve you independent living skills and social relationships.
The Experience Of Hearing Voices In Schizophrenia
Auditory hallucinations or hearing voices are core symptoms of schizophrenia. This article focuses on what hearing voices is like from a patient's perspective.
How is Schizophrenia Treated?
Whether you've been diagnosed with schizophrenia or are concerned for a loved one or friend, you'll want to understand what treatments are available. Start here for an overview.
What Are The "Negative Symptoms" In Schizophren...
What is the relationship between negative symptoms and deficit schizophrenia? Page 2.
Does schizophrenia alter the thinking process?
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Delusional Experiences In Schizophrenia
Fixed ideas are part of the experience of psychosis. This article discusses a few of he more common delusions associated with schizophrenia.
Feeling paranoid?
Paranoia is often present in schizophrenia. In this article your About Schizophrenia Expert discusses the experience of paranoia from a patient's perspective.
Schizophrenia essentials
Quick and to the point Q&A about essential schizophrenia facts. From your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
How Are Atypicals Different From Typical...
How are atypical antipsychotics different than typical antipsychotics? Are they better medications, worse, or just about the same? Find the answer to these questions in this article from your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
The mechanism of dopamine partial agonism in...
How do antipsychotics work? What is partial dopamine antagonism and what role does it play in the treatment of schizophrenia?
Why Do People With Schizophrenia Smoke?
Why do people with schizophrenia smoke so much? Nicotine actually relieves the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia. Learn how that works, and what it means for people with the illness.
Top 5 Social Programs for People With...
Even in remission, people with schizophrenia usually have some degree of long-term disability from residual symptoms, and their ability to earn income is usually affected as well. The programs listed here exist to provide a safety net to help meet your basic needs for housing, food and medical care. This list provides links to official government websites for these programs, to help you learn if you're eligible and how to apply.
Flattened Affect
Definition of the term, flattened affect.
De-stigmatizing schizophrenia
Understanding the facts goes a long way in clarifying misconceptions about schizophrenia and decrease stigma and prejudice. In this article your About Schizophrenia Expert discusses common misconceptions leading to stigma and ways to address them.
The Schizophrenia Concept: Timeline Highlights
What are the roots of our current thinking about the concept of schizophrenia?
How do you cope with schizophrenia?
Be prepared! Help your doctor help you! The best results are seen when doctors and patients work together.
A list of UK, Australia, and worldwide...
Looking for educational resources, information about local support groups, or ongoing research projects for schizophrenia? Here is a list of good UK, Australian and international resources to get you started.
What are the most common myths about schizophre...
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Schizophrenia US and Canada resources
Looking for educational resources, information about local support groups, or ongoing research projects for schizophrenia? Here is a list of good US and Canadian resources to get you started.
Antipsychotics for schizophrenia
Is newer better? When it comes to antipsychotics, the answser to this question is not clear. In this article you will find what you need to know about how different classes of antipsychotics compare with each other.
Definition of the term, decompensate.
Aripiprazole/Abilify Drug Profile
Aripiprazole/Abilify drug profile: what you need to know about using aripiprazole for schizophrenia. From your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
Definition of the term, epidemiology
Negative Symptoms
Definitions of the term, negative symptoms.
Highlights in the History of Schizophrenia
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Definition of the term, delusion
Patient's perspective: A Beautiful Mind (the...
A patient's perspective: A Beautiful Mind, the movie
How do you chose the right antipsychotic for...
How do you choose between the different antipsychotic medications? Find the answer to this complex question in this article from your About Schizophrenia Expert Guide.
Negative news about the treatment of negative...
Bitoperting has failed to fulfil its initial promise for the treatment of negative symptoms in schizophrenia
Definition of the term, hallucination
Liking the effects of d-amphetamines linked to...
Genetic predisposition to liking amphetamine linked to decreased risk for schizophrenia and ADHD
Definition of the term, psychosis
Definition of the term, dopamine
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